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Every summer since 2010 LIRA has been involved in professional development for elementary teachers in Linden, Guyana. Dr. Ingrid Enniss from Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama conducted Language Arts and Literacy workshops, and Dr. Raynold Lewis from Worcester State University provided skills and concepts in mathematics content and mathematics pedagogy. Since the inception of this program over 200 teachers have received training.

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The Musical Showcase is an Inter-School Competition that is supported by LIRA. LIRA provides trophies and monetary awards to the winning schools.

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LIRA is committed to repairing, renovating and beautifying the Seventh-Day Adventist churches in Linden. In 2010, we began renovation of Emmanuel church, since it is the first visible symbol of Seventh-Day Adventism once you get off the Linden Highway. With God’s help and the financial support of many individuals, we completed renovation of Emmanuel. We continue to renovate other SDA churches along the Demerara River that need repair.

Our pew upgrade projects for churches also falls under this category.

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