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Linden Reunion 2016


Dear Lindenites and Dedicated Friends:


Sincere Christian greetings to you from the Executive Committee. Linden Reunion 2016 will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29, 2016 at a familiar and central location—Tranquility Valley Retreat Center (TRVC) in Tranquility, New Jersey.


As is our custom, we plan to have a spirit filled, soul refreshing and reflective weekend in a quiet, peaceful environment, without the distractions and pressing responsibilities of everyday life.  In acknowledgement of Guyana’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, we have agreed on the theme “Reflect, Celebrate, Inspire: Guyanese of the Diaspora”.

Other plans include a time of reflection on Friday evening, a reflective moment when we will go back in time to take a nostalgic look at how things used to be as we look at geo-political and socio-spiritual and economic forces that have impacted Guyanese in general and Lindenites in particular.


On Saturday morning we will celebrate LIRA’s accomplishments by highlighting the “Church Renovation” projects that have been completed at the Emmanuel, Bethel, & Peniel churches. We will be inspired by our youth speakers and Sabbath afternoon we will have a panel discussion as we look ahead and chart LIRA’s way forward.  


TRVC is owned and operated by the New Jersey Conference of SDA and rooms are dormitory style (formerly a boarding school).  In order to guarantee your reservation an initial deposit of $100 is required with your registration by April 30, 2016.  The cost of the entire weekend - room and board is $150 per adult person, and $75 per child. This cost is based on four (4) persons per room.  


All registrations will be handled on this website.  



Raynold Lewis (MA)—774-242-3409

Steve Constantine (CA)—408-806-5415

Ellen Peters (GA)—770-355-6924

Keith Allicock (OK)—405-246-9363

Valerie London (CAN)—613-254-5994

Theron Caesar (NY)—718-272-0602

Irma Byass (MD)—301-893-0864

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