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Linden Reunion 2014 was a Resounding Success


Dear LIRA Family and Friends


Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am happy to report that Linden Reunion 2014 held in Linden, Guyana July 2-6 was a resounding success.  Congratulations to the leaders of the Community Project: City Clean-up; Human Library and Reading Project; School Choir  Competition; and OMAT Medical Team (In Linden during the same week as LIRA).  We ask for your prayers for Dr. Eudora Stephens who is preparing to lead out in a Vacation Bible School Project after the local schools are closed.  Pray that God will grant her and her team equal and greater success as they reach out to the young hearts and minds in the Linden Community.


On behalf of the LIRA Executive Committee I wish to thank each individual and family that made the trip to Guyana to be a part of this experience.  Your presence and support was greatly appreciated.  Thanks to the leaders and directors on all of the programs and activities, both local and overseas, your attention to detail was noted and appreciated.  To the Civic Leaders who fellow-shipped and participated with us; thanks for being there and for your contributions to our collective efforts.  To our Inspirational Speakers: Dr. Steve Carryl, Dr. Raynold Lewis, LIRA Co-Founder, Pastor Allan Johnson, Dr. Hilton Garnett, Dr. Errol Liverpool and Dr. Lael Caesar a big thank you for a memorable weekend in Jesus Name.  Not to be forgotten, the Panel moderated by Valerie London: Jestina Allicock, Dr. Errol Liverpool, Dr. Lael Caesar, Dr. Lena Caesar and Dr. Malcolm Cort.  To the family members of the loved ones that we commemorated, I pray that we made it a lasting and meaningful event in memory of them and the victorious triumphs won, both of the present and for the hereafter.  (All through the week the Family Drum was beating and it was a glorious experience to watch everybody dance   - You had to be there to get that one.  Pardon my partiality for what I am about to say; "This Linden Reunion, 2014, is by far the greatest Reunion to date.  In its Mission, it Message and in its Meaning."  When the DVDs are available, I strongly recommend that everyone get a copy; I am looking forward to securing mine at what ever the cost.  The benefits will supersede it by far.


As far as I know, and I have been checking, everyone has returned home without incident. Truth be told there is at least one man, who will remain nameless, who may still be wanted in Guyana for a traffic infraction - hope it does not impact his plans for a return trip to GT.


We truly thank God for His traveling mercies and for the success of another Reunion.  We pray for the lives that were inspired and the transformations to follow.  Beyond the mission of convening a successful reunion is the mission of making a significant difference in Linden.  To that end the mission is not complete.  Your support is needed; we need financial support and we need the support of your many and varied talents.  Projects for Linden: LIRA Summer Institute; The Library Project; Music in the Schools; Assistance for the Area Churches - Pews, Paint and Completing Construction; A Church School in Linden.


Now let us look to the future: 

1. GC 2015 - An opportunity for LIRA to gather, Reflect, Renew and Rejoice.   

2. Plans for 2016 Reunion, Where and when.  (Inside buzz - Sail away with me!)


Thanks and God Bless.

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